RESTAURANT DESIGN IS OUR CORE SPECIALTY. The team at BSR has a passion for restaurant design that inspires every aspect of our practice. This passion is the culmination of more than thirty years of helping established and aspiring restaurateurs bring successful concepts to market – and for just as many years of reinventing the path forward for struggling or distressed brands. Our firm brings to the table an astute knowledge of the restaurant industry. We are in tune with how restaurants work and how the user experiences the space. Our tools range from concept and brand development, restaurant design, architecture and customer experience all the way to menu strategy, ideation and innovation. We help shape our clients’ visions into unique and sustainable restaurant brands that drive bottom line revenues and maximize the performance of their investment now and long into the future.

BSR SETS A NEW STANDARD IN THE INDUSTRY. Our practice encompasses a multitude of disciplines under one roof. We create thoughtful, provocative architecture, brands, environments and our customer experiences are innovated and adapted to the ever changing market to create the social eating experiences that appeal to how consumers eat today.

RESTAURANT DESIGN SERVICES: Brand Development / Identity & Logo / Conceptual & Schematic Design / Restaurant Architecture / Interior Design-FFE / Lighting Design / Space Planning and Flow / Material Specification / Branded Environment Design / Brand Story / Research and Demography / Kitchen Design / Exhibition Cooking / Project Management / Fulfillment / Construction Management / Owners Representative / Retail Package Design / Visual Merchandising