Weinhard Tap Room

Henry Weinhard spent considerable time and effort exploring the Pacific Northwest in search of the perfect location for his brewery. He settled in Portland, Oregon and immediately set up shop making the great beer Weinhard’s fans have come to expect. Now, more than 150 years later, beer drinkers across the country have the chance to explore the taste of the Pacific Northwest.

Private Reserve, Redwood Flats Amber Ale and Woodland Pass IPA. As part of that launch BSR Brand+Environment was asked to personify the Henry Weinhard’s brand in brick & mortar with a design-exploration of what a Henry Weinhard’s branded pub would look. The first iterations of this concept would be installed in professional sports venues.

There’s never been a guy who cared more about making good beer easy to enjoy than Henry Weinhard. After honing his craft at the side of some of Europe’s best brewers Henry left Germany in 1856 with nothing but a recipe, a copper kettle and a thirst to share his beers with the people of America. He was a savvy businessman, a straight shooter and generous to a fault. He adopted Portland as his new home and quickly became a pillar of that Northwest community. Legend has it, he even designed a system to pump free beer through a public fountain so the people could enjoy it at will.

The Pacific Northwest has an architectural flavor all it’s own; robust, adventurous and creative. So when we sat down to explore what would best personify the Weinhard’s brand in brick & mortar we settled on materials that would have been available to Henry himself. As our pallet we used rough hewn timbers of Northwest cedar, smooth and graceful river rock, hand-forged iron and rich resplendent copper. But we also knew that while doing a period piece would be easy, it would also not accurately represent the goals and values of the modern Weinhard’s brand. So to accomplish all of the brands goals we created a design with a deep historic feel on the surface and pointalized with modern materials and elements of today. In other words we created a concept with a time honored feel and then reflected it through a fresh modern lens (as specialty of BSR).

The final twist was fitting this new concept into a professional sports stadium atmosphere. BSR principals have years of experience designing for professional sports teams like the Washington Nationals, Minnesota Twins, San Diego Chargers, Seattle Mariners, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, New Jersey Devils, Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees. So for us incorporating this new concept into the modern materials typically found in the modern sports venue was right up our alley. Check it out! The Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve Bar - coming to a stadium near you!