FAST CASUAL GOES ITALIAN! Franchising is one of indispensable links in the backbone of the US economy. Franchises offer an unparalleled opportunity for operators to hit the ground running without the months and sometimes years of planning, systems creation and starting-up.

LOOKING AT LIFE FROM THE SEAT OF A SCOOTER. Readi Spaghetti is completely unique in the franchise arena. The Fast Casual Readi Spaghetti concept is the brainchild of Jonny Anderson, an experienced entrepreneur operating several other franchise concepts. Anderson was looking for something different, something memorable, something a cut above.

READI SPAGHETTI CHOOSES BSR FOR CONCEPT, BRANDING, AND STORE DESIGN. This fresh, new concept was branded and developed in it’s entirety by BSR Brand + Environment. Our goal was to view Traditional Italian through a modern lens. The decor is bright and fun with the Brand-Story built in. A classic Vespa scooter sailes over the heads of the diners from a curvy maple soffit while brand walls regail the diners with Readi Spaghetti family sayings and even the story of founder-Johnny Meatsauce. Being green was also a goal so all of the lighting is efficiently planned and the build materials have a very high percentage of recycled content. Even the fabrics selected are ecologically responsible and high-tech with 100% of their content re-purposed.

READI SPAGHETTI SPECIALIZES IN AUTHENTIC ITALIAN family recipes-with a twist. There offerings are both healthy and contemporary and are served both in-store and take out. In fact Readi Spaghetti’s take-out business makes up more than 1/3 of his business.

GREAT CARE WAS TAKEN IN THE SELECTION OF THEIR FLAGSHIP STORE utilizing exhaustive research in demography and retail agglomeration. Readi Spaghetti open it’s flagship location this September and is in the process of selecting locations for the next three stores. Manga!