RESTAURANTS ARE ONE OF THE FASTEST GROWING RETAIL CATEGORIES and menu systems are a big part of what drives that growth. An intelligent and intuitive menu strategy as part of an overall branded environment will help increase sales. . . period.

CASE IN POINT: the new - New York Vinny's Pizza menu system (shown right). Yes, it's bright, punchy and fun to look at but it's also organized and strategized. When BSR was designing this menu system one of our goals was to improve sales in under-performing categories. Some menu items sell themselves: Vinny's large hand-tossed artisan pizza for only $5 doesn't need any help to make it sell. It's a winner! However two categories that were not meeting expectations were Vinny's Calzones and Vinny's Chicken Wings. The product was excellent but the product was also failing to get noticed. BSR gave these categories special attention. Attention designed to transform these products from menu line-items in to highly visible and desirable menu commodities. Both are now focal points in size and placement In the new menu system and the results are in. UPON INSTITUTING THE NEW BSR MENU STRATEGY sales of Chicken wings increased to 600% of previous in-store sales and Calzone sales (newly crowned "Vinny's Monster Calzone" with a fun eye-catching personality) increased to 800%. YES - MENU STRATEGY WORKS!

WHO NEEDS A MENU STRATEGY? Many restauranteurs think a menu is just a list of what they're selling, not part of an overall plan. This couldn't be further from the truth. A winning menu strategy identifies and prioritizes your brand’s business objectives. Not only does it improve how your brand communicates to your customers, but it focuses that communication precisely on what you want to communicate. A menu items scale, visual presentation and placement on the menu will drive customers to buy that item. So yes, it's a strategy and a very important one.

WHERE DO MENU STRATEGIES COME FROM? To create a successful menu strategy you must know your market, know your customer and have your own goals and objectives clearly outlined. Many of the brands we work with have never had a menu strategy. Many have never commissioned the development of a purpose-driven menu system. Even though a menu is proven to be one the most effective communication-dollars an operator can invest to drive sales and meet objectives many clients admit “we went to a few different sign companies and the one that offered to design our menu for free was the one we picked”. Sound familiar? In this instance the old saying “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more true. With so much of their success on the line how do operators continually fall into the trap of “free design”? In a nutshell free design is worth exactly what you pay for it and a sign companies ability to construct a menu system shouldn't be confused the ability to develop a menu strategy that will help you meet your business goals. THIS IS A JOB FOR PROFESSIONALS.

BSR ARE EXPERTS AT FAST CASUAL AND BRANDED RESTAURANT DESIGN and menu systems are one of our specialties. For more than thirty years BSR principals and designers have developed purpose-driven menu designs and strategies for important brands like Starbucks Coffee, Nordstrom Cafes, Papa Murphy’s and countless others.

SO TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT YOUR MENU SYSTEM. Is it saying all that it could? Is it driving increased sales like those experienced by New York Vinny's operator's? Is it inspiring your customers to buy the items that you want them to buy? Is it communication as effectively as it could? If you answered "no" to any or all of these questions don't lose heart. Let BSR develop for you a MENU STRATEGY THAT WORKS!