From Zero to Retail In Six Days!

Building branded retail-that-works takes planning, experience and ingenuity. Building branded retail-that-works at break-neck speed takes even more. It takes out of the box thinking and a keen eye toward the project end-goals. It also takes an intimate knowledge of all aspects of design, manufacturing and construction.

BSR was asked by the Spokane Chiefs Hockey Team if it would be possible to design and construct a first class team store in time for the 2013 opening day of hockey season, just four and one half weeks away. The store would be starting from zero. They had designated a location on the events level of the Spokane Arena but with little more than a month to work with was it really possible to build a real team store with walls, windows, fixtures and branding? Was it really possible to design, provide architecture, get permitting and mobilize a construction team in this amount of time? Where there’s a will there’s a way and after three days of design and architecture BSR came to the Spokane Chiefs with a solution.

Building and outfitting custom retail fixtures, multiple pieces of neon signage, millwork and casework were all doable. Time was short but with the right design and manufacturing this could be done. But how to build a store – windows, walls, doors, lighting and electrical, where none previously existed? Simple, we needed a system - in this case a modular wall system. The system we utilized was built for speed and ease of installation. Once engineered, BSR had the modules on-site in only 20 days. And since the system was modular and technically classified as “furniture” it didn’t require a permit to install. In a little more than three days the main structure was up and the electrical and lighting well under way. On day four the work on the interior finishes commenced and the retail fixtures were assembled and the millwork staged. Day five saw the space really coming together with the install of the neon signage, graphics systems and branding being installed and the interior and exterior finishes being fine-tuned and completed. The retail team also swung into full gear readying all of the merchandise that would go into the store and pre-loading all of the movable fixtures with team gear. Day six saw a flurry of action with all aspects of the build being fine-tuned and by game time the Spokane Chiefs Team Store was open, stocked and ready for customers.

BSR designed the facility in its entirety providing architecture, construction management and oversight in the manufacture, procurement and implementation of all phases of the project. And just because the project the project looks like a million dollars, make no mistake, the budget was very aggressive and economies had to be created at all phases. At the project turnover BSR delivered a first class piece of sports retail on time and on budget and the square foot cost came in under $100 per square foot.

Team owner; Bobby Brett couldn’t have said it any clearer. “We had an impossible deadline and an impossible budget. And the results, the results weren’t just great . . . they were fantastic!”