In 2003 we were approached by Papa Murphy’s Pizza who was in need or a complete brand makeover. Franchise sales were declining and they were losing substantial market share to grocery stores and other entrants into the bake at home pizza market.

They said they were looking for the “Starbucks Effect”. A Branded Environment and message that were so well integrated that customers would not only enjoy the in-store experience, but would seek out the added value it offered. The solution was a rebrand that would not only touch the identity but it would literally move the needle on how the environment of the store would “speak” to the customer.

The initial results or the re brand were amazing. 100 test stores were rolled out, 50 new locations and 50 remodels. Same store and new sales measured over the following year tracked sustained increases of between 15% and 25% in all stores.

The results: Papa Murphy’s was so impressed with the results of the new design and its affinity for sales-building they did something unprecedented in the franchise industry. They invested $4MM of corporate funds to immediately upgrade all existing restaurants to the new design, a move that continues to pay off to this day. Declining franchise sales reversed with restaurants increasing in numbers from 250 to more than 1400 nationwide. Store sales continue to increase 10-20 percent annually, and Papa Murphy’s is and has been since that day, the take-n-bake pizza industry leader, hands down!