The NEW YORK VINNY’S PIZZA family has been making pizza for more than 60 years. Grand-patriarch Italo Carosiello started making pizza in Rome in the 1950’s and every generation of his family since has carried on the tradition. You might they they have pizza in their DNA!

LUCKILY BSR HAS BRANDING IN OUR DNA! We were asked by New York Vinny's Pizza to help them reinvent their concept, making it possible for them to compete head to head with the large pizza chains.

NEW YORK VINNY’S PIZZA began as a bit of an experiment. Industry Giants like Little Caesar and Domino’s offered low cost (and low quality) carry-out pizzas. No one expected a lot because, hey - they're cheap and they come from vast systems that think the best pizza is made by sourcing ingredients from China. What would happen if we started a place and made REAL PIZZA with real hand-tossed twice-risen dough, a real family recipe pizza sauce and fresh, farm-to-table ingredients? Would anyone notice? Two years into the experiment and the results are YES, everyone's noticed! New York Vinny's Hand-Made Pizza is definitely an authentic cut above. And with Vinny’s ready-to-go pizza the same price as the big chains, once a customer tries a New York Vinny's Pizza they’re a customer for life!

CREATING A BRAND THAT COULD COMPETE and win against the big chain stores was the goal. BSR re-imagined every aspect of New York Vinny's Pizza from the identity and brand story to their message, menus, signage, food photography - the entire customer experience. It’s a great blend of tradition meets contemporary with semi industrialized materials and finishes, core messaging that really strikes home with owners and customers and a brand and store design that are fun, engaging and highly recognizable. The NEW New York Vinny's Pizza has stature, a sense of history and a feeling of being “established”. At BSR we've coined a phrase to describe this. We call it "Creating a sense of Brand Deja Vu".

CREATING BRAND DEJA VU. So what's "Brand Deja Vu?" We've all had that feeling - a strong sensation that an event or experience has been experienced before. It's like that with brands too. One of the hurdles faced by new and emerging brands is the lack of establishment and the lack of customer-trust that it inspires. The reason chains and franchises are so successful is they come with that trust built-in. Building brands that feel established, brands with the trust built-in, is a specialty at BSR. We build brands from the inside-out. The product, the brand story, the vision, the differentiation and the brand promise all go in to the creation of the Brand Identity. The more these ideologies can be felt by the customer in the brands face-forward, the greater sense of brand-establishment or Brand Deja Vu you can create. Do this well enough and the customer experiences the brand as not newly-created, but as already established and trusted - just now coming to a place where they can experience it. We've heard countless times at brand launches and openings "I'm glad you've finally opened a store in our area - I've always wanted to try it". Even when that brand is completely new and this is the first time that anyone is experiencing it.

GETTING PAST THE PAST. We had a couple of wrinkles to iron out with the original New York Vinny's concept. First, Vinny's wasn't serving New York-style pizza - even though our name implied it. In fact Vinny's was serving every style of pizza but New York-style pizza. And second, we didn't have a "Vinny". At least once a day customers would come in and ask “so, who’s Vinny?”. The time had come to create a BRAND STORY that could close the loop and tie all of these loose ends together.

CREATING A NEW YORK PIZZA isn't generally considered as being connected to creating Brand Story, but in New York Vinny's case it was pivotal. You can't very well use "New York" and "Pizza" on your marquis without using it in your menu. But fixing the New York-style pizza issue was a challenge. How do you add a product like an immense New York style pizza to the menu without completely re-tooling your make process? A New York-style pizza by definition is huge - nearly twice the size-by-volume when compared to a regular pizza. And big pizzas take longer to cook than regular size pizzas.The solution would be found in Vinny's traditional method of making pizzas (thank you Grand-patriarch Italo Carosiello for teaching us so well) - all Vinny’s pizzas are Tossed-By-Hand. By increasing the diameter of the pizza to "New York" proportions and by closely controlling the thickness of the dough in the tossing process (as only a real pizza maker can) Vinny's was able to craft a recipe that could be made and cooked side by side with their existing pizza line-up - with no retooling necessary! Problem number one solved! The Pie-Normous New Yorker Pizza was born - eighteen inches of fantastically fold-able New York-style pizza! Fo Getta Bout It!

CLOSING THE LOOP WITH "THE LEGEND OF VINNY". Until now "Vinny" had been a name, used because it sounded "New york". But we were going to use "Vinny" to bring the brand story together. One issue had dogged us from the beginning: Vinny's was serving an all non-New York-style pizza menu. We were able to remedy that with the invention of the Pie-Normous New Yorker pizza and now we were going to give relevance to all the pizzas we serve that are not New York. Everyone has their own favorite pizza. Some like thin New York-style, some like Chicago deep-dish, some like So Cal with avocados, and the debate rages on! This is where Vinny steps in. We crafted a story: “The Legend of New York Vinny” in which Vinny, a New York native set out on a quest to find the best pizza style in America. Vinny traveled far and wide and after sampling every pizza style there was, he found that he couldn't choose just one, he found that loved them all! Now our non-New York-style pizza menu had relevance. New York Vinny's Pizza honors the ideal of “The Legend of New York Vinny”. All pizza styles are served, including New York-style because that’s the how New York Vinny would have wanted it!

NEW YORK VINNY'S PIZZA started with the simple idea that pizza should be a celebration! But it should also be real, it should be fast, and it should be affordable! New York Vinny's Pizza makes Real Pizza Real Fast. And their newly minted brand from BSR has given them what they needed to take their brand to the next level!

FROM THE CLIENT. “We couldn't have been any luckier to find the team at BSR Brand + Environment. They exceeded our expectations every step of the way. With the re-branding of New Your Vinny's Pizza the BSR team took our brand over the top and we are now in a position to compete directly with the big boys!”
Mary Anderson Carosiello, Founder, NEW YORK VINNY'S PIZZA