Mio Sushi was doing everything right. Their commitment to freshness and quality was legendary and as good stewards of the earth, everything served was “sustainable”. Now all they needed was a brand with sufficient positioning to launch their planned new growth.

We were approached by James Han, Mio Sushi VP to do just that. Having built successful brands in the past with BSR principals, Han knew success not only comes from serving great food but also from giving your customer something they can’t get any place else; a great experience! In this case, a great Mio Sushi experience.
Keeping in mind the minimalist roots of the culture we completely re-imagined the brand, the environment and the architecture. The result is cool and sophisticated Branded Environment with fresh greens, bright fuchsia and warm crèmes set against a backdrop of interesting textures and distinctive lighting. And with a decidedly quirky brand identity the all-important balance between restaurant experience and price point is successfully achieved, positioning Mio Sushi as the new, category-defining brand leader in fast serve sushi.

Mio Sushi has plans for expansion across the US and Canada with franchise locations supported by regional commissary facilities. The new Mio Sushi flagship store is now open in Seattle and is so popular there are lines out the door every day. Mio sushi will open five additional locations in the Seattle area in 2012 with more than one hundred new franchise locations coming online within the next 5 years.