California Tortilla; 17 year old restaurant franchise based in Bethesda MD came to us with a problem. They were well established with a loyal customer base but with national competitors like Chipotle and Mel’s entering their market their daily numbers would soon become declining numbers. They needed a solution quickly. Their stores were a wild mix of color and distraction. Every vertical surface proclaimed something but with so much going on, it was impossible to tell what they were trying to say.

LET'S SHOW THEM THE FRESH! Weighing their competition and their core differentiators we formulated a plan. “It’s time to stop telling them we’re fresh!” we counseled. “It’s time to show them!” BSR completely re-imagined the brand with fun, easy to read typography and a bright and fresh avocado icon. Also, critical to the success of the refocused new brand was the in-store experience. Instead of talking about “fresh” the food is now the show. We show you the “fresh”. Upon entry your eye is instantly drawn to food being prepared fresh and fast before your eyes. In the new store design everything works together to enhance the brand. We created a dynamic new restaurant environment that makes every visit to California Tortilla a fun, memorable, enhanced experience. From the brand message to the store design, kitchen design and architecture BSR affected a real transformation. We even developed individual identities for each California Tortilla signature burrito recipe. The new concept was designed to connect with the customer on a fun yet meaningful level, build brand loyalty and position California Tortilla as the new brand-leader in this fast-casual sector.
Results: California Tortilla and BSR have partnered to open new franchise locations and BSR is retrofitting all of their existing locations to the new design.