Official Beer Of The M’s

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If you’re from the Pacific northwest (like me) and of an age (50-ish) you might remember the mystique around Coors beer in the 1970’s. You couldn’t buy it here – if memory serves me correctly this was something to do with pasteurization. Regardless, in those days if you wanted to enjoy an ice cold Coors you either had to go to another state or you had to smuggle it in! Imagine, a beer so cool you had to break the law to drink it! Not so today – Coors comes to the Safe!

Coors: Official Beer of the Seattle Mariners.
The Seattle Mariners and Coors Light recently announced a new three-year sponsorship agreement to make The World’s Most Refreshing Beer the “official beer” of the Seattle Mariners. “The Mariners are very happy to welcome Coors Light as our newest corporate partner. We are looking forward to the opportunities this new relationship brings both inside and outside Safeco Field,” said Bob Aylward, Seattle Mariners Executive Vice President of Business Operations. “The opportunity to form an alliance with the Mariners was especially appealing” said Joe Gleason, MillerCoors sales GM for Washington and Alaska.”The Mariners are building an exciting team and have one of the most beautiful parks in the country. That’s why MillerCoors and our distributor partners are so excited about the opportunity to build a deep relationship with the Mariners and the team’s legal-drinking-age fans.”


BSR On Deck!
As part of the sponsorship BSR Brand + Environment was asked to design and deliver the new Coors Light Rail Bar; a 44 foot premium bar to be located in the center of Safeco Field – Root Sport’s newest venue “The Pen”. From the glacier-colored cut stone of the bar surround to the polished Northwest native granite bar top the new Coors Light Rail Bar is built to impress. Each fascia is marked with new-tech illuminated colite-style brand marks and the only thing more impressive than the custom Rail Bar logo designed and built by BSR is the massive continuously illuminated mountain range spanning a full 30 feet of the back bar.

The Coors Light Rail Bar.
Located in The Pen at Safeco Field and brought to you by Miller Coors, The Seattle Mariners and BSR Brand + Environment. Stop by for a cold one on your next visit to the park!