LogoLounge Picks BSR

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Logo Lounge 2013 Design Competition
LogoLounge has over 250,000 logos on the LogoLounge site, submitted by designers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Every year for it’s annual publication, LogoLounge judges; industry leaders all, examine more than 45,000 marks. They cull through and organize this many logos looking for the best work. Their intention is to catalog and report where the future of branding and logo design is pointing. It’s been suggested this effort might better be called an “Evolution Report,” because it is actually a report on the evolution of the branding and logo design industry. 2013 is the first year BSR designers have submitted work to the LogoLounge judges panel. We are proud to announce that the LogoLounge judges have selected for inclusion in their 2013 design winners annual publication, three of the logos BSR has developed for its clients.

Designing Inspiration
Designers, it seems are on a life-long quest for inspiration (I know we are!). Some designers are inspired by nature, some are inspired by architecture, some are inspired by technology. And some are inspired by. . . well, other designers. With over 250,000 logos and growing, LogoLounge has become an indispensible tool for any logo designer. So for BSR to be recognized in LogoLounge international design competition, well, we think that’s pretty cool. And having logo designers around the world using our designs for inspiration, ya, that’s definitely pretty cool. Designing To Communicate
While some designers feel the need to dazzle the with big words and ideas vast enough to show up only on the Hubble telescope (yawn) BSR looks at design, at the communication of idea through design, differently. Design, after all is communication. Design makes you feel. The success of the design is weighed by the degree of understanding the design inspires. The higher the degree of understanding, the more effective the design, and the more it makes you feel. Great design is the difference between touching and feeling. You can touch something and it may leave little impact on your life, but when you feel something, you are operating at an entirely different level. That “feel” is with you for life. Making a customer “feel” creates a place in your customer’s life that your brand alone can own. Seeking this level of communication through design is the single most important investment a company can make for its brand. So the next time you’re looking to dazzle the client with a bunch of big words – remember the goal is to communicate and build a powerful connection with your customer. BSR is proud to have communicated to the LogoLounge judges in such a way that they have included our design work in their 2013 design winners annual publication.