BSR BRAND+ENVIRONMENTis a full service boutique Branding-Architecture-Build firm located in the Pacific Northwest. For more than 30 years we have helped guide the course of world-class brands like Nordstrom, Starbucks Coffee and The Seattle Mariners. BSR specializes in the design and delivery of innovative, category-defining, branding, branded restaurants and branded retail to market. BSR brands and retail concepts are experienced and enjoyed by thousands of customers across the country every day. BSR concepts consistently outperform the competition and build increased revenues, brand loyalty, return on investment and return on design for our clients.

Creating a competitive edge for our clients, an improved brand experience for their customers, and dramatically improved project timelines and budgets are a tall order. Doing business the way it’s always been done simply doesn’t get you there. Not in today’s economy. Shrinking budgets, time and resource constrained clients and an every-more value conscious and discriminating consumer have forced an evolution. Transforming  the way projects get to market is the answer.

INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY: BSR has evolutionized the process of getting your project from the starting line to the finishing line. Our approach breaks down the barriers between branding, architecture and build and looks at them in a different way, a holistic way. After all, it’s just one project. Why take weeks to divide it into a myriad of pieces at the beginning only to take weeks integrating it back together at the end? That’s a lot of wasted motion – that you’re paying for in both money-spent and lost time-to-market. BSR brings together a team of designers, fabricators, constructors and owners at the beginning of the project – everyone together at the same table – and puts together a packaged deliverable;  fixed schedules, realistic budgets, predictable outcomes. In other words, a one-stop-shop. We are all under one roof, a team working in concert to find the most cost effective solutions to deliver your project better, cheaper and faster.


YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS. We work with you, not just for you. Our clients are our partners and we work to understand your company, your goals, your competition and your challenges. Our methods are not “cookie cutter”. Every project is a fresh approach and a tailor-made solution.
WE KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER. In fact, we are your customer. To create great customer experiences you need to understand the end-user. BSR steps into the shoes of your customer, crafting experiences at retail that inspire brand loyalty and command buying dollars.
OUR APPROACH BUILDS VALUE. BSR’s project integration methods are proven to improve budgets and time lines up to 25 percent and as a result, most clients offered a full package project will take advantage of the value it delivers.
WE DELIVER RESULTS / INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY. Helping provide a competitive edge to our clients and an improved brand experience to their customers is our guiding principle. BSR Brands consistently out-perform competitors for ROD and ROI and are experienced by customers in thousands of retail locations every day.We are a full service creative firm with Design, Architecture, Manufacturing, Project Management in a One-Stop-Shop.
The greatest motivations and realized benefits to using BSR’s Integrated Project Delivery are:
1) Reduced overall duration of project by vertically integrating all processes and making them transparent to all stake holders.
2) Elimination of project and process redundancies.
3) Value engineering implemented at all phases of the design process with input from all disciplines.
4) Elimination of a second procurement process allows for concurrent processing of design and constructing activities.
5) Branding elements, environments, FFE are designed “Buildable” allowing for greater economy, faster implementation and accurate attention to design intent.
6) BSR projects get to market an average of 30-60 days faster earning Top-Line revenues when most projects would still be deep in the construction phase.

“Your success is our success.”                          Ken Barnes | BSR Creative Director