Helping provide a competitive edge to our clients and an improved brand experience to their customers is our guiding principle. BSR Brand + Environment are specialists in Branding, Restaurant & Retail Architecture and Integrated Project Delivery. Our project work includes original concept, traditional retail, franchises, chains, professional sports venues, airports, convention centers and educational facilities. We are a full service creative firm that will deliver your Design, Architecture, Manufacturing, Project Management and Project Delivery in a One-Stop-Shop.

INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY: “The designers, fabricators, constructors and owners are all on the same team”. BSR’s Integrated Project Delivery is very different from typical construction. BSR creates a “team” of designers, fabricators, constructors and owners very early in the project to develop realistic design and build programs and budgets going forward. This process integrates these disciplines to achieve i.e. ‘deliver’ the project on a fixed schedule and budget with predictable results. The Designer, Architect, Contractor and the Owner are working in concert to find the most cost effective solutions to deliver the project better, cheaper and faster.

The greatest motivations and realized benefits to using Integrated Project Delivery are:
1) Reduced overall duration of project by vertically integrating all processes and making them transparent to all stake holders.
2) Elimination of project and process redundancies.
3) Value engineering implemented at all phases of the design process with input from all disciplines.
4) Elimination of a second procurement process for the construction contract. This greatly reduces the potential for design errors and omissions / allows for more concurrent processing of design and constructing activities for different portions of the same project.
5) Design of branding elements, environments, FFE and other project deliverables tailored to fit manufacturing and implementation capabilities allowing for greater economy, faster implementation and accurate attention to design intent.

BUILD SERVICES: Construction Management / Project Management / Qwners Rep Cost Controls
Schedule & Planning / Contractor & Sub Contractor Selection / Risk Monitoring / Resource Mgmt
Deliverables Procurement / Contract & Legal Document ReviewPermitting & Approvals