BSR is a place where clients, customers and experts from disciplines, complementary and diverse come together to engage in the exchange of great ideas. Our goal – our single purpose – is to move your brand to the next level. And we’re damn good at it!
Our culture is one of collaboration, innovation, invention and fun. After all, creating great things every day is the coolest job ever. Our designers blend new ideas with broad experience and craft solutions shoulder to shoulder with our clients (why shouldn’t our clients get in on the fun too). And at the end of the process when the design has leapt from the page to become a real, living, breathing, entity (yes, restaurants and retail spaces do live and breath. If the one your in isn’t living or breathing you should call us right away) our designers, architects, business guys, builders and clients all get to stand back, revel in what they’ve created together and say “man, I can’t wait to do that again”!

Even though what we get to do every day is a lot of fun it is also a heady responsibility charting the future coarse of our clients business so balance in our personal lives is important. We are an eclectic bunch: chefs, violin makers, micro-brewers, musicians, hikers, bikers, curlers (grab a broom!) hurlers (grab a stick!) and Single Malt enthusiasts (grab a glass!). We have a passion for life. We have long talks with our dogs and even listen to their advice (unless it’s about squirrels). We seek out great people and great experiences. We love what we do and we have fun doing it.

It’s your dream and we’re here to help make it real! After all, once the project is finished you’ve got to live in it. We put on our listening hats and we learn everything we can about you and your business, who you are, your goals, thoughts and visions. And most importantly, your challenges. After all, if there wasn’t room to improve your business we probably wouldn’t be talking. We take all of that and with an eye toward innovation and our combined knowledge of the restaurant and retail industry (how projects work, what projects cost and how best to get them built) and together, we design a way to help you realize the full measure of your business’ potential. This is your dream and at the end of the process you need to be able to recognize it as such.

Imagine a football game with nobody watching. The players face off at the scrimmage line, the ball is snapped, and the results are met by resounding silence. Can you call that success? Hardly! Without the customer a great many things couldn’t succeed. Your business wouldn’t – and neither would ours. That’s why we always treat the customer as part of the team. Just like we invest in the members of our own BSR team so we can help them grow and succeed, and we invest in our clients so the brands we build together speak to their vision and help them grow and succeed, we invest in getting to know your customer. Building your brand from the perspective of “standing inside your customers shoes” is the surest way we know to success. Exceeding the customers highest expectations, speaking their language, exciting them, delighting them and surprising them at every opportunity is what it’s all about. The customer is always part of the BSR Team!