Architecture is more than drawings, plans and managing construction (although getting your project off the ground and completed on time and on budget without these is nigh impossible).  Architecture is the canvas for your brand. Making sure all the numbers add up is important but BSR architecture knows that your building is where your brand and your customer interact so we get your concept to market with speed and efficiency but we also get you to market with your brand intact.
Our approach is interdisciplinary, integrated and designed to honor your brand. We continually innovate to produce relevant construction documentation and quality control standards, comprehensive project and construction management and a single point of accountability. And most importantly we understand that your brand lives within the architecture and that the architecture’s function is to bring the brand to the customer in an interactive and meaningful way. At BSR your brand never takes a back seat to your building. Your brand and your building are one.

ARCHITECTURE SERVICES: Restaurant Architecture / Retail Architecture / Owners Representation / Project Management and Oversite / Construction Documents / Construction Management / Store Prototyping / Feasibility and Architectural Systems Analysis / Codes & Site Adaptation Services / Engineering.
SUSTAINABLE & GREEN DESIGN PRACTICES: LEED Practices & Certification / Energy Modeling-Usage Forecasting / Project Documentation / USGBC Submittals