BSR Brand + Environment is an award-winning design firm with over 30 years experience helping brands large and small enter, compete and succeed in the marketplace. At BSR we have a passion to design and to inspire great design and ideas and we have focused our practice on branding and telling the brand’s story through the built environmental experience. Our teams expertise in environmental brand experience spans all facets of the process from original concept and design through final implementation. In other words, we knows how to move projects from the drawing board to reality. Really!

CLIENTS KNOW BSR for listening well and bringing to the table the experience and insights needed to develop the kernel of their idea into a fully thought out brand experience. An experience that operates across all mediums and has the charisma, depth and nuance necessary to captivate the target customer, attract new customers and produce immediate results and sustained long term growth for the client.

BSR ARE THE CHIEF ADVOCATES FOR YOUR BRAND. We blend new ideas with broad experience and craft solutions shoulder to shoulder with our clients (why shouldn’t our clients get in on the fun too). And at the end of the process when the design has leapt from the page to become a real, living, breathing, entity (yes, restaurants and retail spaces do live and breath. If the one your in isn’t living or breathing you should call us right away) our designers, architects, business guys, builders and clients all get to stand back, revel in what they’ve created together and say “man, I can’t wait to do that again”! The results of BSR’s work are persuasive and comprehensive. The comment we hear most frequently from our clients is “we love it, how soon can we get it built?”

THE CONSUMER KNOWS BSR through experiencing our brands and brand experiences we create. From your customers perspective our brands were built just for them-from the perspective of standing inside their shoes. BSR delivers a multi-layered and engaging experience to your customer every time, where the story of the brand reveals itself through the message, the environment and the aesthetic of the whole-brand-experience.

BSR GETS RESULTS. Of course none of this would mean anything if it didn’t generate results. BSR brands consistently outperform other brands in the marketplace generating increased sales, brand position, return on investment and return on design. In fact many of our clients credit our work as the turning point in the life of their businesses. THIS QUOTE FROM A CLIENT SAYS IT ALL: “Your re-imagining of the Papa Murphy’s Brand and in store experience has been pivotal to the development and success of our company.”  Dino Medina: VP Design & Construction, Papa Murphy’s Take-n-Bake Pizza.